Bürgenstock Conference 2022

Welcome to the website of the 55th Bürgenstock Conference. We are happy to plan an on-site conference from May 1 to May 5, 2022, and hope that the pandemic situation will allow us to run the event in the familiar setting with 120 participants in Brunnen, Switzerland. After the cancellation of the conference in 2020 and the online version in 2021 it is a great wish of all of us to meet physically again.

The ‘SCS Conference on Stereochemistry’, better known as ‘Bürgenstock Conference’, is an outstanding international chemistry meeting of high scientific quality, with an optimal setting for intense inter-disciplinary discussion.

From 1965 to 2008, the venue of the conference was the Bürgenstock-Resort above the lake of Lucerne in Switzerland. Since 2009, the meetings have moved to another beautiful location on the shores of Lake Lucerne: the Seehotel Waldstätterhof Brunnen.

Stereochemistry is the principle underlying our understanding of the processes of life and the properties of matter at the molecular level. It is a key element not only in all chemical disciplines, but also in modern molecular biology, molecular medicine, biophysics, and material design. Accordingly, the ‘Bürgenstock Conference’ has grown over the years into a multi-disciplinary conference where frontier science is being discussed. Lectures cover many areas of chemistry and relevant highlights from neighboring disciplines.

Former Bürgenstock Conferences

Previous Presidents & Conference Programs

Year President Program  
2021 Prof. Janine Cossy, F Program 2021  
2020 no Conference Cancelled due to COVID-19
2019 Prof. Véronique Gouverneur, UK Program 2019  Photos 2019
2018 Prof. Ilan Marek, IL Program 2018  Photos 2018
2017 Prof. Bert Meijer, NL Program 2017  
2016 Prof. Paul Knochel, D Program 2016  
2015 Prof. Antonio Togni, CH Program 2015  
2014 Prof. Antonio M. Echavarren, E Program 2014  
2013 Prof. Luisa De Cola , I Program 2013  
2012 Prof. Andreas Pfaltz, CH Program 2012  
2011 Prof. J. K. M. Sanders, UK Program 2011  
2010 Prof. E. P. Kündig, CH Program 2010  
2009 Prof. B. L. Feringa, NL Program 2009  
2008 Prof. D. Hilvert, CH Program 2008  
2007 Prof. S. Z. Zard, F Program 2007  
2006 Prof. B. Kräutler, A Program 2006  
2005 Prof. A. Krief, B Program 2005  
2004 Prof. H. Waldmann, D Program 2004  
2003 Prof. J.-E. Bäckvall, S Program 2003  
2002 Prof. L. Addadi, ISR Program 2002  
2001 Prof. A. Vasella, CH Program 2001  
2000 Prof. J. F. Normant, F Program 2000  
1999 Prof. J. de Mendoza, E Program 1999  
1998 Prof. M. T. Reetz, D Program 1998  
1997 Prof. S. V. Ley, UK Program 1997  
1996 Prof. F. Diederich, CH Program 1996  
1995 Prof. H. Schwarz, D Program 1995  
1994 Prof. D. N. Reinhoudt, NL Program 1994  
1993 Prof. W. Oppolzer, CH Program 1993  
1992 Prof. G. Ourisson, F Program 1992  
1991 Prof. H. Ringsdorf, D Program 1991  
1990 no Conference Hotel reconstruction  
1989 Prof. R. Scheffold, CH Program 1989  
1988 Prof. W. N. Speckamp, NL Program 1988  
1987 Prof. D. Seebach, CH Program 1987  
1986 Prof. E. Winterfeldt, D Program 1986  
1985 Prof. M. Julia, F Program 1985  
1984 Prof. L. Ghosez, B Program 1984  
1983 Prof. Sir Jack E Baldwin, UK Program 1983  
1982 Prof. R. Huisgen, D Program 1982  
1981 Prof. J. Mathieu, F Program 1981  
1980 Prof. J. D. Dunitz, CH Program 1980  
1979 Prof. Sir Derek Barton, UK Program 1979  
1978 Prof. H. A. Staab, D Program 1978  
1977 Prof. P. Pino, CH Program 1977  
1976 Prof. Sir Alan R Battersby, UK Program 1976  
1975 Prof. J. Dale, N Program 1975  
1974 Prof. J. M. Lehn, F Program 1974  
1973 Prof. R. H. Martin, B Program 1973  
1972 Prof. W. D. Ollis, UK Program 1972  
1971 Prof. H. Musso, D Program 1971  
1970 Prof. E. Havinga, NL Program 1970  
1969 Prof. A. Kjaer, DK Program 1969  
1968 Prof. J. Sicher, CZ Program 1968  
1967 Prof. J. Jacques, F Program 1967  
1966 Prof. D. Arigoni, CH Program 1966  
1965 Prof. A. S. Dreiding, CH Program 1965  
The SCS label is granted to this conference by the
 Swiss Chemical Society.


Prof. Janine Cossy
École Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles, Paris, France

Symposium Sekretariat

SCS Head Office

+41 31 306 92 92