According to its long tradition, the 55th Bürgenstock Conference 2021 will again be interdisciplinary, covering many areas of chemistry in its main body, but allowing also for relevant highlights from neighboring disciplines, with due focus on structural and mechanistic aspects in all contributions.

The program consists of 13 plenary lectures (60 minutes), each followed by a discussion session of 30 minutes. Thus, there will be ample time for each topic to be presented fully and examined from different angles and perspectives. Lectures and discussions are held in the mornings and the evenings. The afternoons are free for recreation, informal discussions, and poster sessions.

As the 2020 conference was cancelled and the 2021 was shifted to the virtual room most of the lectures that were previewed for 2020 will be considered for the program 2022.

To simplify matters and stimulate personal interactions, we will require that all speakers and participants are fully vaccinated. A proof of vaccination will be solicited upon registration at the hotel.

Program Overview